My days are rather dull and uneventful. Once in a while, I may have the excitement of a doctor’s appointment, and other times, I might be debilitated with my agoraphobia and pain. If I am debilitated, I am in bed, or lying on the couch much of the day. If I have a doctor’s appointment, it is likely that it will be early in the morning which means I will have to leave before addressing any email. I will tend to the messages that I received on my phone.

Once in a while, I will receive a package at my shipping address. When that comes along, I will receive an email letting me know the package arrived. I will usually go that day, or the next day to collect. Also, on every Wednesday, I will check my PO Box, but rarely get anything of any importance.

Sometimes, if I have the money, I might go to a restaurant to get an early dinner. Again, this will depend if I have the money. There are 3 close choices – McDonalds’, Primanti’s, and Subway. There are other places, but hadn’t tried them,

If the above doesn’t apply, I will get dressed, and go to the kitchen to make breakfast. Breakfast is simple, and just consists of microwaved pork and gravy with coffee. After breakfast, I will address any email I received overnight. Usually, there is none, but I still check. Once I am done with breakfast, hygiene, and email – I will walk throughout my apartment to get some exercise. This isn’t strenuous, but it is better than nothing. Walking throughout my apartment is better for me mentally than going outside. Also, if the pain is too much when I am outside, I will still have to walk home. In my apartment, that’s not an issue.

Usually, there is too much pain in the afternoon from walking in my apartment. I would watch videos, and sometimes work on my sites. I usually want everything up to date, and most of the changes are on my personal site (this site). With that in mind, that usually takes on my afternoon.

In the evening, I will make dinner. After dinner, I will watch the news, and after the news – I will read a book on my ebook reader. After reading, if I need to shave, I will shave. Otherwise, I will try (but not always successful) to walk throughout my apartment. I would rarely have the lights on, but there is enough light pollution to see the furniture, so I am not walking into things. I know, I am strange, but this is me.

When I go to bed, I will usually undress, and then turn on my music player. If I need to charge my watch and/or phone, I will put them on the charger. I will then go to bed and repeat the next morning.

Throughout the day (unless watching the news), I will have music playing. In this case, I use a Pandora subscription, and that provides a limited amount of music. The music helps with the pain, and gives me something to split my focus on – hopefully making the pain more tolerable.