Most days are the same. I will note any differences later in this page, however – I will define what is the same throughout the week.

In the morning, I will wake at 6AM and get dressed. Once dressed, I will do my sit-ups, and take my medicine. After my medicine, I will compose any email from last night, and prepare for the day. As for music, I will listen to Pittsburgh 105.9FM.

If I am able to, I will walk throughout my apartment. If I have any letters that needs to be replied to, I will do that instead. Also, if I am suffering from symptoms of my agoraphobia, or pain – I would usually lie down to rest. Any letters I would write will be done for the next Monday, or Thursday. Domestic mail will have the postmark for the appropriate day, and international mail will have a postage stamp applied to the typed letter.

In the afternoon, I will continue to do anything that needs to be done throughout the afternoon. Email takes priority, followed by letters, then websites, and finally walk throughout the apartment. At 3PM, Mark Madden is on air. When that happens, I would put my Pandora music on. This will be done until 6PM.

At 5PM, I will eat dinner. At 6PM, I will watch the news, and 7PM will depend slightly depending the on the day. However, most of the time, I will walk throughout the apartment, or compose any emails.

At 10PM, I will take my medicine and go to bed. If my symptoms are high, I will likely go to bed early. When I go to bed, my music is off in the living room, and music is on in the bedroom. I will then place my watch on the charger, and go to sleep.


The day is much the same as noted above. If I was to go out to eat, it will be with my friend and on this day. I choose this day as I learned that the restaurant doesn’t usually seem as crowded on Sunday afternoons.

In addition, if I have laundry that needs to be done, it will be done Sunday morning. I will load my clothes in 1 washer, and 2 dryers. I learned that if I split my laundry in half, it will take half the drying time to get everything done.

Sunday evenings after the news will be spent bathing and shaving. After my shave, I will check my email, and compose any replies. After my bath and shave, I will also listen to Out of Order by Stryker. He plays from 8PM – 10PM.


I might have a doctor’s appointment on this day. If so, I will leave in the morning at the appropriate time to get there on time. After my appointment or if I have no appointment, I will go to the mailbox to collect any letters or packages. Depending on how crowded things are will depend on the severity of my agoraphobia. Depending how much time I’m on my feet will depend on how much pain I am in. In either instance, when I return home, I will do the necessary resting before addressing any emails, or postal mail. Since email is quick, I will try to compose the email if the agoraphobia symptoms are tolerable.


Tuesday will be spent recovering from Monday. If all things works out, I will be able to compose any letters I need to write. International mail will have the addresses printed on the envelope, and a single international mail postage stamp will be placed on. Once I get my international mail stickers, they will receive a sticker. Domestic mail will have the postage, and addresses printed directly on the envelope. Postmark for letters will be set for Thursday.In the evening, after the news, I will bath and shave. I will take the rest of the evening keeping things calm.


Wednesday will be much like any normal day. An exception will be if I have a doctors appointment. I set my appointments for Mondays and Wednesdays because I shaved the evening before. If I have any appointments, I will do them. I will not mail domestic mail off on this day. This is because of the postmark. International mail will be dropped off since there is no postmark date.


On Thursday, I will pack what letters, and shopping bags that needs to go out in my backpack. I will then leave at 9:15AM, and walk to the post office to collect any mail there. Any letters to that address will get a reply with the new address. I will then walk to a bus stop to go to the South Side to collect my mail there. After collecting my mail, and packages – I will pack my packages in the shopping bag. I will also drop off any letters I need to. I will then wait for the bus, and go home. As with Monday, I will have to suffer the side effects of my agoraphobia.


On Friday, I will get up, and do what I need to do. I will likely still suffer the side effects of my agoraphobia, but will try to not let it affect me as much. My efforts will be to any email. If I have any letters, I will reply to them to get them ready to be mailed on Monday. Domestic Mail will have the postage printed directly on the envelope whereas international mail will have a postage stamp printed, and placed on the envelope.


My agoraphobia symptoms will hopefully be tolerable or better yet, subsided. If I have any postal mail that needs to be done, it will be done now. If need be, I will prepare everything for Monday. I will sometimes view my websites, and see if there is anything that needs to be edited. Saturdays are usually very quiet.