Every day is slightly different, but there are some common things that applies to every day. This page will go into detail on the things I can expect to do every day, and the days that I do so.

I usually wake up at 6AM. I will get dressed, and prepare for the day. I will take my medicine from 5:30AM – 6:30AM. After I take my medicine, I will start the 20oz coffee maker for 2 cups of coffee. The coffee is intended to try to help me wake in the morning. With my depression, it is sometimes a struggle to just not go back to lie down. I¬†will also write any email I received over night. Usually, it is just one person, but sometimes – there are two. While at the PC, I will have Skype in the background, but I don’t have many good experiences with Skype.

In the afternoon, I am not doing much. I will walk throughout my apartment when I am able to. The idea of walking in my apartment will be to get some exercise without having to worry about the agoraphobia, and pain. Between 1:30PM and 2:30PM, I will take my afternoon medicine. If I have some work that needs to be done on my websites, I will usually do that in the afternoon.

About 4PM (with exception of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), I make dinner. Most of my meals are microwave which I know is not the healthiest. I would have to buy new cookware if I was to do stove cooking. Also, I feel that the microwave meal and the prepared meal will be about the same, so I am choosing the lesser of the two evils so to say. After dinner, I will brush my teeth, and wait until 6PM. This is when I will watch the news. After the news, will depend on which day will be what I do next. No matter what, I will turn the radio back on and move on with my evening.

On days divisible by 2, I will charge the watch. On days divisible by 3, I will charge the phone. On the last day of the month, I will charge both. By charging everything on the last day of the month, I can reset any would be alterations to the above. At 10PM, I will go to bed, and hopefully sleep through the night.

When necessary, I will bathe. This depends on how dirty I am. Since I can go days without going out, I am not getting myself dirty, and therefore don’t need to bathe every day. I am sure some people may not agree with this perspective, but for those people – you do you.


In the morning, I will watch Meet the Press on NBC. While I am not much interested in politics, it is good to have at least the surface of what is going on. After the news, I will walk through the apartment until the pain gets too much. After the evening news, I will shave.


This is one of the days I will try to make any doctor appointments. The reason is that I shaved the night before. Almost every time I go to the doctor’s office, I would have taken a bus. Since I live in a neighborhood where PRT (Pittsburgh Regional Transit) buses run through, almost everywhere I need to go is one bus away.

Also on Monday, I check my mailbox. Since I give everyone my PMB (Private Mail Box) address, no one has nor needs my residential address. Once I check my box, I will then go back home. Assuming I have any letters to reply to, they will be replied, and be ready by Thursday.


Not much goes on this day. Every 6 months, I will see my eye doctor and Tuesday is the only day I seem to get even though I give preferences. Otherwise, I go through my normal day as noted above. After the news, I will shave. Tuesday is also one of the days I fast which means I will not eat again until dinner on Wednesday.


As with Monday, if I have a doctor’s appointment, I will go there. I do not need to go to my PMB though on this day. I might go if I am expecting something, but otherwise – I will wait until Thursday.


Today, I will go to the PMB to check my box, but otherwise – not much is going on. If I receive any mail, I will make sure they are replied to by Monday. After the news, I will shave, and remove the dull razor blades. The blades will go into a blade bank which keeps recyclers safe from the otherwise dangerous blades. When the bank is full, I will put a piece of tape over the blade slot, and do what I can to recycle the metal bank, and blades.


If I have a doctor’s appointment, I will go there. Otherwise, my day is as any other normal day. Exception to this is this is another day I fast (Tuesdays and Fridays). No other plans though for the day.


Saturday is a rest and recover day. From the outings I may have through the week, my agoraphobia maybe extreme. If so, I will try to keep it easy and try my best to recover from the week before. If I received any letters on Thursday, I might work on one or two of them today.