The morning is completed. I walked throughout my apartment, and my ankles will start to hurt now. They aren’t intolerable usually, but I will have a limp when I walk. At this time, I will try to spend the afternoon on my PC. If I have any pages to add or edit, I will do that. I will also look for videos to watch on Youtube. As I find the videos, I will save them for watching later in the evening. Obviously, if I have any email, I will compose those.

At about 2PM, I will take medicine for the pain. This helps some, but would prefer a stronger dose. My anesthesiologist will not increase my dosage, so I will have to accept that. Also, if I have to call any businesses, I will usually do that in the afternoon. This is to assure that the business is open, and wait out all of the people that would normally call in the morning. I am trying to get back into reading, and if I read this day, it will be in the afternoon.