Typically, I will wake up at 6AM. My alarm will go off at this time, and this is when I start my day. Once I wake up, I will get dressed for the day. If I am intending on staying in, I will wear pajamas. This is due to the fact that I would prefer PJs over jeans if I am not going out. If I’m intending on going out that day, I will put on my jeans. In either case, I will put on my shoes. Due to my physical impairments, I have to wear shoes to walk.

After I get dressed, I will turn off my music player in the bedroom and go into the bathroom. Typically, I will have to urinate which I will do first, followed by taking my prescriptions that I need to take. If I have an appointment, I will usually prepare to leave for the appointment. I try to make all of my appointments in the morning to get them addressed and taken care of early in the day. This will mean I will pack my backpack, load my wallet, and brush my teeth. I will usually not have time to do my other morning routines.

If I have no morning appointment, I will delay in brushing my teeth until after my breakfast. I will exit the bathroom, and go into the living room. I will turn on my music player that is in the living room. I will then start my coffee maker, and start heating breakfast. Almost all of my breakfasts are pork and gravy. I only have enough for 6 days, so I will eat breakfast from Saturday – Thursday.

Once I am done with breakfast, I will go in the kitchen and clean my dishes. I will walk in the bathroom, and brush my teeth. Once my teeth are tended to, I will go into the living room, and do my morning exercise. If I have any email, I will start the email. I will also compose into a journal that my pain psychologist recommended I keep. After my activities on my computer, I will try to walk throughout my apartment. Because of the pain in my ankles, I am not in favor of walking outside as if the pain gets too bad, I would still have to walk back home before I can rest. At least while I’m in my apartment, I don’t have to walk back home. This is my mornings for the most part.