After the news, I will consider it as night even though it is still daylight in the Summer. After the news, I will turn on my music player, and do more exercise. Since I’m out of shape, my exercises are usually brief as I build up. I will have the music player on until about 8:30PM. At this point, I will turn off my music player, and watch any videos I marked for watching later. There is not much that interests me, so there might only be a couple of videos.

On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (most weeks), I will shave at 9:20PM. I will first shave the head, and then the face. Since I have a lot of area to shave, it usually takes me about 20 minutes. For my razors, I will use the Leaf Shave razor, and the Leaf Twig for those hard to get to spots. These will include behind the ears and under the nose. At the end of every week, I will replace my Leaf razor blades. In my case, I use 3 half-double edge razors, and for those that are curious about the price, each replacement is about 15ยข.

After my shave, it is about 9:45PM, and I will take my night medicine, and prepare to go to bed. For me, with all of the walking I try to do, I am in a bit of pain, and look forward to try to sleep. I will get undressed, plug my phone if need be, and lie my head down. If I am not asleep an hour after going to bed, I will take a sleeping pill. My goal is to fall asleep shortly after 10PM, and wake up at 6AM to start the day all over again.