Do You Travel?

Short answer, no. There are a few reasons which I will get into. However, each one of these reasons qualify for me not traveling. Also, I am assuming traveling will be by airplane as this is the likely the quickest way to get to point B.

The first reason will be my discomfort to crowds. And stuffing dozens of people in a small tube will qualify as crowds. I do have to ride the bus, and even the bus is a discouraging episode which I normally have to take. However, since I am not required to travel to another area of the country, I don’t have to take an airplane.

The second reason is I don’t have proper ID. For air travel in the United States, you need a Real ID card. Now, I will like to get a Real ID card when my current card is about to expire, but this has nothing to do with travel, and more of allowing me into government buildings if I need to. Also, I have no passport which could compensate for not having a Real ID card, but since a passport is related to air travel, I see no point in getting one.

The third is money. I could probably save up for domestic vacation for a week, but this will be something I will not look forward to. With my displeasure in traveling, I don’t see myself saving money for a vacation. With that regards, I see my money saved for something better.