How Do You Deal with Your Agoraphobia?

It is definitely not easy. About the only thing that I can do is distract myself from the crowds. Even then, it isn’t a perfect solution, and the fear still rises – but not as much. When I am about to leave my apartment, I will put my earphones in the ears, and turn on my music. Once I exit the apartment building, I will turn noise cancellation on. This will help me not hear the commotion going on around me. Obviously, I have to be aware of my surroundings, and I only cross at walk lights only.

When I am entering or exiting the bus, I will turn off noise cancellation. This is to allow the operator and I to communicate if needed. When entering the bus, I always say thank you, and when exiting, I always wish them a good day. When I sit down on the bus, I will turn my noise cancellation back on. I will then face straight in relation to my body. When I am about to exit the bus, I will turn off noise cancellation again. I also have noise cancellation off when I enter a store, or business. This is again, in case someone needs to address an issue with me. When I am outside, the noise cancellation is always on. While I am outside, I always try to face straight, do my best to fight the thoughts

When I am about to enter my building, I will turn noise cancellation off. This is in case the management needs to address something with me. Also, if a tenant would want to ask me something, then I could hear them. When I am beyond my unit, I almost always have my music on. Exceptions is when I am dealing with another person.