How to Reach You?

If you were to ask me for my contact page, one of a few things will happen. I carry a digital card that links to my .tel address. The .tel address will have all of my public contact information, and a link to my .vcf which will add all of my contact details into your phone’s contacts. You may have to select Save or something similar. This option can be done with NFC (hadn’t been easy done when testing myself), or a QR code that you can scan and direct to the site.

If my digital card doesn’t work, then I will give you a conventional paper stock contact card. I will give the card which has my name, [Toll-Free] number, and .tel address. The person will have to manually enter my .tel address in their web browser, but that is just an extra step when compared to the digital card.

If I was to change my contact information, I will make the changes on my .tel address – so as long as you have the .tel address, you have all of my contact information that I will provide to 7 billion people. Obviously, if I was to give you more personal contact information, that will be done in private.