What Do You Carry?

When I go out on errands, or appointments, I always carry a few things. This is much the same in most tripes I will go on, but much of everything I will carry is the same. For the most part, almost everything I will need is in my backpack leaving the pockets only for the most immediate of needs. With that in mind, I have a backpack because I can’t carry everything I take with me in my pockets.


My pockets are for the most immediate of things that would be needed. There will be some differences as noted in here, but everything is usually the same. In my front left will reside my keys and wallet. The keys are for my residence, and mailboxes. The keys will always reside in my pocket unless space constraints are made. There might also be the case for my earphones. If so, this is usually if I expect my earphones to run out of energy from the battery. If that is the case, I will take my earphones out of my ears, put them in the case, and pull my other earphones out.

Next in my front left pocket will be my wallet. My wallet has a double bill-fold pocket, and two inner side pockets. The billfold will hold my cash, and any receipts I might need. The receipts will usually be when I buy groceries, and what I have left on my SNAP benefits. I typically will carry less than $50 in cash unless I am expecting to spend more. In the left inner pocket, my cards are held. If I have to take a bus, my transit card is included. If I think I might need my credit card – that will be included. Otherwise, it is just my SNAP card. In the front right pocket – there is my contact cards. This is very rare, but if someone wants my telephone number, I will hand them my contact card. This card will have a QR code pointing to my contact site. Below that will be my name, followed by my toll-free number, then the URL to my contact site. Going to my contact website will provide you with more options in reaching out to me that couldn’t fit on my card.

There are two front right pockets. There is the main pocket, and a smaller pocket probably intended for coinage. In the main pocket is my phone, and only my phone. This is to reduce the chance of damage to the phone. The reason for this is I can not afford to buy a new phone every year. Instead, I will buy a phone, and use it as long as I can – therefore, taking care of it. In the coin pocket, there is my earphones. This allows me to always have my earphones with me which I use to help reduce the pain, and anxiety (most of the time).

In the rear left pocket is my bandanna, and face mask. In the rear right pocket is any cards I received, and my change which I use to pay for things with cash. For change, I have 1 nickel, 2 dimes, 3 quarters, and 4 pennies. This allows me to have exact change no matter what the change increment is. This in turn makes my life easier, as I have a lot of change that I wish to reduce.


My backpack carries everything that I can not carry in my pockets. Such will include spare earphones (which I had to use a couple of times), my photo ID, and various other things. My backpack will also consist of any additional things I might carry such as my tablet, and a battery pack for charging devices. I will like to get a new notebook PC, but that won’t be for a while. If I do get a notebook PC, it will be in the back pocket which is intended for computers.