What Do You Look for in a Woman?

This is a complex question as I am sure I will miss something. However, this FAQ will hopefully go into the important things. First, let’s consider that I have not been in a relationship since the late 90’s. I would like to think I don’t ask for too much. In any case, here goes.

First, I would want someone that is caring, compassionate, and kind. I would also want someone that is not materialistic. I would want someone that is strong enough to stand on her own two feet, but willing to accept help if needed. I don’t want someone that considers herself a victim because of small circumstances. Essentially, someone that takes responsibility for her own actions.

I wouldn’t want someone that smokes, drinks excessively, or use hard drugs. I take medicine and that might be a temptation I would want not deal with. In addition, such lifestyles are self-destructive. I could see occasional use of Marijuana, and I won’t judge with that. I don’t smoke, drink, nor use recreational drugs.

Obviously, there has to be a physical attraction. I also am looking for someone that is in the same city as I am. I had tried long distance relationships, and they didn’t work out for me.