What Do You Enjoy Doing?

I would consider myself a boring person, and many others might see it the same way as well. However, I will try to add zest to this page, and help you not fall asleep. Each interest will have its own paragraph.

The thing I enjoy doing the most is listening to music. I almost always have my music player playing in the background. One could find a listing of all of the groups I have at least 2 songs on with my phone. However, for the basics, I listen to alternative and rock music. My preferred radio station is WXDX FM which is on frequency of 105.9.

I also enjoy writing web pages as you might be able to guess from the significant number of websites I currently have. I use Word Press for all of my websites, and therefore, not actually developing the site. I instead use the Word Press backend to produce my pages. I am however responsible for the content on the sites.

I also enjoy writing emails, and to a lesser extent messaging. If you’re interested, you can find most of my resources on my Contact Site. I try to write as long and extensive emails as possible, but it is hard with my mostly shut-in lifestyle.

I also enjoy RPGs (Role Playing Games) such as Dungeons and Dragons. I hadn’t played in a long time, and the last person I played with was my brother in 2018. Since I don’t have a large network of friends, it will be nearly impossible to find a group to play with. I am also not familiar with the most recent set of rules, so I will be considered as a bit rusty.