What is Your Faith

When I was young, I was raised Lutheran. However, I was in a few foster homes with other religious beliefs. When I became an adult, and had to have multiple surgeries, I would pray regularly for intervention. In my opinion, these prayers fell on deaf ears. Now, and for more than a decade, I have chosen to be Agnostic. I believe there might be a god, but for whatever the reason, I don’t worship. It’s not that I am angry at God, but I just don’t see what I owe to him. When it comes to religion, it is a contradictory concept. A person will say that God makes all of the decisions, unless it is someone like me where I made the decision that is contradictory to God. No one blames God for any of the bad things that happens even though nothing happens without his approval. I won’t go into too much more detail, but in the end, I am agnostic.