As mentioned, I live in the Downtown neighborhood of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am in walking distance of the convenience store, pharmacy, and post office. I am also in walking distance of just about any bus that serves Allegheny County. Within Downtown, there are so many things that can be done, but due to my mental, and physical problems, I try to avoid such events. There are also a number of restaurants and other eateries.

As for the convenience store, I will go once a week (at most), and get whatever foods I would want from there. This will typically include iced tea, but I am trying to cut back on that for health reasons.

As for the pharmacy, I would usually go once a month, and that is to collect my medicine. OnceĀ all of my medicine is ready for pickup, I will walk to the pharmacy and acquire my medicine. My insurance covers most of my medicine which is good. I seen the price tag of my primary pain medicine, and $270 is too much to afford on its own.

Once a week, I will go to the post office. This is normally to check my mailbox, and clear it out. However, once a month, I will get a money order to cover my rent. The choice of using a postal money order is so the management can see the memo, and my contact information in case they need to make sure it is going to the correct apartment. Thankfully, this is only done once a month.