Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Frank S. Pilone. I was born in 1973, and live in the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am 6′ (188cm), and 275lbs (125kg). I have brown hair, but due to me going bald, I just shave the head. I have brown eyes, and wear glasses. Due to a birth defect, I have collapsed arches. If you are wondering what collapsed arches are, think of your feet as a building that caved in on itself. After dozens of surgeries, things have been stabilized, but deal with significant pain. This will be one of the reasons why I can not work. There have been days that the pain is debilitating, and forced me into bed.

I would say I am a caring, compassionate, and a reasonably decent person. I am not racist, nor sexist. As for other people’s sexuality, that is none of my business. I enjoy listening to music (which I have on most of the time). I am also trying to get back into reading. I also like RPGs, but hadn’t played since 2018. Another hobby will be my websites which I am guessing you can assume is probably more than one person needs.

As mentioned, I live in the city of Pittsburgh. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the Downtown neighborhood. This is convenient as I am one bus from almost anywhere that the local bus system goes. Also, my pharmacy, eye doctor, and post office is within walking distance. This means I can check my mail once a week, or sometimes more if I am expecting something. As for my pharmacy, I go once to collect prescriptions or more often if I need to get some other items.

If you would like to know anything about me, feel free to ask me. I am also happy to have new long distance friendships, so if you’re looking for a friend, I might be an option. Take care, and enjoy visiting my site.