Welcome to my primary website. This site will hopefully provide you with all of the details you would like to know about me. In this site, you would find various FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and various other pages that will provide some insight on to whom I am. This page will provide the basics, and details someone may want to know more about when just meeting me.

My name is Frank S. Pilone. I was born and live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (north east US) and was born in February 1973. I live alone in a 1 Bedroom apartment. I have brown hair (shaved bald), and brown eyes (with glasses). I was born with a severe issue with regards to my feet and ankles. I spent much of my early adulthood in surgery to try to repair the damage. Nowadays, I walk (sometimes with a limp), and have no ability to run, jump, or other exertion activity due to the fragile nature of my ankles as well as my bones being fused together. I make do though. I tend to get everything I need done when it needs to be done.

I don’t do well outside. This is due to agoraphobia. I do have a number of people I correspond with via email. I obviously have to go out sometimes, and when I do – I tend to try to make it as quickly as possible. Twice a week, I will check my mailbox. It is not my residence as I will not disclose that address to the public. While outside, I use my phone as a music player which helps with the agoraphobia, but doesn’t provide a solution to the problem.

I would consider myself as a kind, caring, and compassionate person. I am also bluntly honest, and to the point. Some people may find this hard to deal with, but if they want my honest opinion, I will give it to them rather than telling them what I think they want to hear.

Due to my disabilities, I receive government assistance both in money, and resources. The money I receive keeps me well below the poverty line, and that will likely never improve. I also receive subsidized housing, basic health insurance, and food assistance. Because it is too painful for me to stand in line, I don’t go to food banks. I however, make due with the food I purchase. I don’t eat as healthy as I would like, but have limited space in my galley style kitchen.

If you would like to know anything about me, feel free to reach out to me. I am an open person for the most part, and I probably answered the question you have for me.