Due to both my mental, and physical issues – I have no social life. Once in a while, I might go to a restaurant with a friend, but even that becomes a challenge. When I need to address errands, I typically do things as early in the morning as possible. This limits my social interactions. I correspond with people on the Internet, and even do email which seems to be a lacking feature for most people. I write to a couple of people regularly. I also use WhatsApp.

When I go out, and someone came to me asking for my phone number, I will direct them to my .tel address. This will be as such until I can get new contact cards. With a new card, there will be a new VCard QR code on the backside of the contact card. My front will have my name, city I live in, and telephone number. This will be in addition of a photo of myself. This will take some time to get the new cards through.