Due to both my mental, and physical issues – I have no social life. Once in a while, I might go to a restaurant with a friend, but even that becomes a challenge. When I need to address errands, I typically do things as early in the morning as possible. This limits my social interactions. I correspond with people on the Internet, and even do email which seems to be a lacking feature for most people. I write to a couple of people regularly. I also use WhatsApp.

When I go out, if someone wants my phone number, I will give them a contact card. My card has my photo, full name, telephone number, and my .tel address. On the back of the card will be two QR codes. One points to my .vcf file which will add me to you contacts (You would have to click add or save). The second QR code is to my .tel address which also has a link to my .vcf file.