As for personality, I would like to think of myself as a caring, and compassionate person. I don’t lie, and try to word things in a way to not offend or diminish someone. For example, if someone I didn’t find as attractive asked if they were attractive, I will likely reply that they are not my type, even if I find them appalling. I can be seen as blunt, and that puts a lot of people off. However, if someone wanted to know my opinion, they will get it. Because a lot of people don’t follow my advice, I rarely give my advice anymore. If someone needed my help in getting answers, I will do what I can to provide those answers.

As mentioned, I come out as blunt. I don’t like to waste time. In example, I have a cellular phone, and that phone service offers basic Caller ID (does not show name). If it is someone that is in my contacts, I will answer with “Hello Person Calling“. I don’t play coy and answer the phone with “Hello” as if it was a time before Caller ID. If the caller is not in my contacts, I will answer with “Frank Pilone Speaking”. This is direct and to the point. It has put some people off-guard as they don’t expect a phone call answered in such a way.

As for crowds, I avoid them as much as possible due to my agoraphobia. I do not do well with well with being outside at all. My anxiety goes up, and I suffer from side-effects that are atypical of most anxiety. These atypical symptoms can last days, and be debilitating. I am not going to go into detail what the symptoms are, but they are not good. I do take mental health medicine that helps a little, but the symptoms do not go away. With that in mind, I try to make errands and appointments at time I would suspect there will be fewer people. Depending on how severe the crowds were will depend on how debilitating the symptoms are.

Because of the problems with being outside. I do not have the opportunity to meet new people. This of course limits my options in finding someone special in my life. It also eliminates the chance of finding an RPG group, go to play and come back home.