My name is Frank S. Pilone. I am 6’ (188cm), and overweight. I have brown eyes, and wear prescription glasses. I can see reasonably well without glasses, but reading print on a PC screen for example is not easy, or impossible without glasses. My glasses also tints when in sunlight. This makes it easier for me to deal with the bright light. I also have brown hair, but I shave my head on even days. This would have normally placed a significant extra cost, but I was able to get better razors, and replacing the blades is about 15¢ per week.

I would consider myself as a decent person. I try to not offend someone, but I am not going to lie. For example, if someone was to ask if they were attractive, and I don’t find them physically appealing, I will simply reply that they aren’t my type. Sometimes, I’m blunt but I tell you what I think you need to know rather than what you may want to hear. As for religious beliefs, I am agnostic. Agnostic doesn’t believe nor disbelieve in an existence of a god. As for the afterlife, I believe when you die, you die. If there is a god, and he chooses to resurrect you, then you would be resurrected. If not, there is no eternal place of torment and misery.

As for medical problems, I have collapsed arches. I was born with inverted clubbed feet which had surgeries on it throughout most of my young adulthood. As of now, the pain in the right foot is usually tolerable. I have near constant and significant pain in the foot and ankle. As for surgery, the only thing that can be done will be a below knee amputation. This is obviously something I want to avoid as long as possible. I also don’t do well with crowds. Five people is enough for me, but unfortunately, most of the time there are way more people than that. Because of that, I avoid going out as much as possible. I also have problems with my teeth. A little less than half of my teeth were extracted due to medical reasons. I do brush my teeth on a regular basis, and that would not be the reason why on the extractions. Of course, as mentioned, there is the eye issues, and weight issue.

As for impairments, I have a few of them. I do not have perfect eyesight even with correction surgery. Since my eyeglasses start at $1200, and work its way up, I buy eyeglasses only as needed. I do have a slight speech impediment where sometimes my Rs sounds like Ws. Next, I have a number of teeth (especially the uppers) that are gone. With this in mind, I don’t do video calls. As mentioned, I have collapsed arches which is very painful, and there has been times that the pain kept me in bed. Last, I suffer from agoraphobia. As plain and clear of a definition to agoraphobia is when you constantly perceive the environment as unsafe. This is well beyond the conventional feeling of unsafe if you are in a bad neighborhood, but even in good neighborhoods, I will feel unsafe. This condition as well sometimes forces me into bed as it would sometimes takes days for me to recover from the feelings after being out for a long time.

As for the wardrobe, all of my pants, shirts, masks, hoodies and coat is black. I have chosen black for everything as it is my favorite color, and means one less choice I have to make. I don’t see myself sticking out, but more likely blend in with the crowd. I don’t dress flamboyantly, and everything is simple. If I were to need to buy new pants, or shirts – they will also be black. By keeping to this simple design, it is one less decision I have to make.

For errands, I try to do everything in the morning. This is because of the issues I have with being outside. Depending on what needs to be done will depend on what I would have to do. For example, going to the post office, pharmacy, or the closest convenience store is just a simple walk away which I go there shortly after they open if I can do that. Other errands, I tend to have to take public transit which I make do. If it is a doctor’s appointment, I try to go where I could catch a second bus if something was to happen to the first bus. Almost always, I make it well before the time I need to be there. Since I live in the city’s center, almost all of my trips is one bus there and one bus home.