Most of my transportation is done by public transit buses. In Pittsburgh, there are a number of routes, and most of them serves my neighborhood with a ten minute walk. With a Connect Card, bus fare is $2.75 for unlimited trips within three hours the first tap. For my doctor’s appointments and any other errand I need, I can typically rely on public buses. Once in a while, I will call on a friend whom has a car, and ask her to take me somewhere. When I do that, I will give her money to compensate for her time, gas, and wear and tear on the car.

When my card drops below $10 in funds, I will then add funds to the maximum $200. This will last me a long time since I don’t take buses as often as I used to. By assuring that I have funds on my card, I won’t have to worry about cash fares which is $2.75 per trip.