Do You Have Impairments?

Short Answer, yes – and a couple debilitating. This page will go into all of my impairments from least severe to most severe. And while the least severe ones aren’t enough to qualify me as disabled, the more severe ones do.

First, I have a problem with my ears to where it drains on occasion. I went to see an otolaryngologist, and there was a minor surgery, but the symptoms still remain the same. To adjust with this in my life, I have  over the ear headphones which I will use when my ear drains. When this happens, I will place of piece of cotton ball in my ear to prevent the drainage from leaking. This is not a serious issue.

Next, I have a slight speech impediment. It isn’t serious, but once in a while, a person would need me to repeat myself. In which case, I will try to speak it slower. In turn, I don’t like hearing my voice. This isn’t serious, and might made it harder to deal with jobs that would require me to speak with the person.

Next, I have problems with my teeth. Many of my uppers have been removed, and the only solution to that will be full upper extractions, and fitted for upper dentures. However, insurance will not cover the dentures. With that in mind, I will keep my uppers that are remaining until I know I have enough saved for dentures.

Another issue is my weight. I am considered as obese, but I am trying to lose weight. Since I am trying to reduce the weight, it wouldn’t make sense to constantly change this page when I decrease, or increase my weight. Due to my ankles, walking is very painful which means I don’t get the exercise as much as I probably should have. This has no impairment on any job I would have, although the ankles is another story. I am practicing intermittent fasting to hopefully reduce the weight.

My next problem is I have glaucoma in both eyes. To help compensate, I take eye drops, and wear prescription glasses. I would expect the problem to get worse as I age, but there is nothing that can be done other than the eye drops to try to manage the issue. As with my ear, I can adjust to this issue simply by wearing glasses through most of my waking hours.

Next, I have depression. This is likely due to my agoraphobia, and collapsed arches (refer below). It is severe enough where I take medication for it. The medicine doesn’t always work, and there are days that I don’t wish to do anything, and anything I do is forced.

I have agoraphobia which can be debilitating. This brings me to not relish going out to be around other people. I take medicine for the condition, but it only helps with some of the long term symptoms that I suffer when going out in public. If I am out for long periods of the day, I could be incapacitated for a couple days at least. This impairment prevents me from doing most jobs I would be qualified to do.

Last, I was born with inverted clubbed feet. When I was 6 months old, the surgeons corrected the feet, but didn’t do it properly. In 1991, both of my ankles collapsed forcing me to have dozens of surgeries to try to repair the damage. Right now, the right foot is usually tolerable, but the left foot is degrading. As for surgical options, the only one I have is a below knee amputation. Needless to say, I am delaying this as long as possible. However, there is no guarantee on prosthetics, or the relief of pain (phantom pain syndrome). Using crutches and force my entire weight on my right foot will make the problem worse, so if I don’t get a prosthetic, I will be stuck in a wheelchair the rest of my life, and could still have debilitating pain (phantom pain, and right ankle). There have been days that the pain is debilitating, and force me in bed all day.