Why Don’t You Work?

I have two conditions, both of which can be debilitating, and nearly unbearable. The first one is collapsed arches. The second is agoraphobia. In the times that I have to go out just for a few hours, both the pain and agoraphobia can be significant.

As mentioned, I have collapsed arches. I was born with inverted clubbed feet. When I was 6 months old, the surgeons didn’t do the surgery correctly. When I turned 18, both of my ankles caved in requiring dozens of surgeries to get them to where they are now. Right now, I take pain medicine which helps a bit, but if I am out for any extended period of time, the pain can force me into bed for hours when I return. On really bad days, it will be so bad that I will have to crawl into the bathroom.

As for the agoraphobia (perceiving one’s environment as unsafe), it is bad enough to where I will only go out when I need to address an issue. This will usually be check my mailbox, groceries, or appointments. I rarely go out for anything else. There are negative consequences that can linger for days after being out. As with the pain medicine, I take medicine to help with some of the symptoms, but it doesn’t always work.

Because my conditions can be debilitating, I am not able to be reliable for a job, even if it was to read a script for telemarketing. If the agoraphobia or pain is too much, I am not going to be able to do my job. The federal government just doesn’t hand out SSI benefits. They have to determine that you are disabled. If your disability is temporary, they will require that you see a doctor to define if you are still disabled. If you are determined to be permanently disabled, then you don’t have to see a doctor, but you have to report any positive changes to Social Security.