Why Shaved Head?

Simply put, it is much easier to deal with a shaved hair rather than the long curly head of hair I had. When I had hair on my head, I had to brush it at least a few times a day to keep the hair from knotting up. On November 10, 2021 – I went to a barber to have my head shaven. However, while I shave a few times a week, it is more efficient to shave than it is to keep and tend to a long hair which I had beforehand.

I am sure a number of people I know won’t approve. At time of writing this page, I had one that voiced their disapproval, but it is my choice, and me having my head shaved has no negative impact on anyone I know, so I don’t need permission, or even acknowledgement to shave my head.

For those interested, I change the blades in my main razor at the end of the week. Each change costs me 15¢ which is less than $1.50/month. A cartridge would have been prohibitively expensive. Eventually, I will run out of razors, and when I do – I will buy a 100 pack of double edge razors which will cost me about $10.