I currently live in a 1 Bedroom/1 bath apartment in the Downtown neighborhood of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This is the extent that I will disclose where I live as I don’t want people knowing where I live. For those that want to send me a package can refer to my Contact Page. The apartment has a laundry room which I make use of. Thankfully, the rates are reasonable at $1.75/load with a 1 hour drying cycle. There is also a mailbox for each unit including my apartment. All of the mailboxes are located on the first floor. While there is an office in the building, on-site management is likely not there.

Electric, heat, and water is included. I am responsible for Internet, Telephone, and TV. For Internet, I utilize Comcast Internet Essentials which is a low cost internet program. For telephone, I have a cellular line which is my primary line. For television, I use an indoor OTA antenna, although I typically just watch WPXI (NBC affiliate).

I am in walking distance of my pharmacy, a convenience store, and the post office. Also, since most of Pittsburgh Regional Transit buses are primary routes, I am in walking distance of most of the buses. If you would like to know anything in particular, feel free to contact me.

This apartment image was extracted from the apartment’s website, and if you can’t find it, the windows are on the right hand side in between the thick black boxes.