Essential EDC?

I try to keep what I carry to a minimum. The goal is to rely on as little as possible. I also try to keep most things out of my pockets as to not get pickpocketed. Therefore, I will wear a chest sling, and possible my backpack as well. Almost all of the items I carry will be in the chest sling. The essential EDC is below:


I have agoraphobia, and chronic severe pain. In both instances, music helps distract from the severity of these two afflictions. I still have issues with these impairments, but the tolerance to them is a little greater. If it wasn’t for the music that play from the earphones, I would doubt that I will be able to accomplish any errand that would require taking a bus.


Obviously, I need my keys. It is what allows me to lock and unlock the apartment door. It also is the keys that tends to my mailboxes. The keys are even needed in the instance that I will go to the management office.


Some places may still require the use of a mask. In the case of doctor’s offices, they are still required. When masks are required or encouraged, I will have it available for me. This is a part of my EDC as I may have a change of plans where I will go to a place that requires a mask. Most places in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania don’t require a mask, but it is still good to have one just in case.


Obviously, if I need to call someone or if I receive a call, the phone is essential. In addition, I use the phone as my music player which the earphones are put to use (refer to above). While I technically have 2 telephones, only one comes with me on a regular basis.

Pocket Knife

If there came a time that I might have to cut a box, or string from my coat or jeans, then the pocket knife will be essential. The knife is too small to be a self-defense weapon, so the role it takes are very limited to cutting something. Nothing more, nothing less.


Depending on my activities will depend on what cards I will need to carry in my wallet. At the very least, my photo ID is carried with me. The photo ID verifies who I am. The card is slightly outdated with the change of residence, but this has been reported, and my change of address card is carried as well. Since it is essential with the Photo ID, it is included in my wallet. On the wallet, my .tel address will be displayed in case a Good Samaritan finds the wallet.


My watch does more than tell the date and time. I also have the weather displayed on my watch, and in the instance that I receive a phone call, I can look at the watch and see who’s calling. I can then use the earphones to answer the call – therefore keeping the phone in my pocket.