Essential EDC?

I have a number of items that I would always carry with me when I go out. Sometimes, I might have to carry more, but if so – they will be in addition to what I carry in this essential EDC. Everything I carry is important, and has a role to fulfill. The essential items are as follows:


I carry my bandana with me in the case that I might need to clean my glasses. I rarely use it, but it is one of those better to have it an not need it, then need it, and not have it. Since the bandanna is of little value, it goes into my back pocket.

Contact Cards

In the event that someone would want my telephone number, I will give them a contact card. This card will have a picture of me, my name, mailing address, this website, my email address, and my [Cellular] number. This card will be replaced later this year to provide more information and a means to add to the person’s contact very quickly, but that won’t be until later this year. Contact cards are not cheap, and I will like to give the set I have usage first.


I have agoraphobia, and chronic severe pain. In both instances, music helps distract from the severity of these two afflictions. I still have issues with these impairments, but the tolerance to them is a little greater. If it wasn’t for the music that play from the earphones, I would doubt that I will be able to accomplish any errand that would require taking a bus.


Obviously, I need my keys. It is what allows me to lock and unlock the apartment door. It also is the keys that tends to my mailboxes. The keys are even needed in the instance that I will go to the management office.


At the time of editing this entry, there is no public requirement for masks, but medical professionals are requiring it. In addition, an establishment can require that masks are to be worn. With that in mind, I always carry a mask with me. This assures that I can go where I need to, and not have to worry about wasting a single use mask.


Obviously, if I need to call someone or if I receive a call, the phone is essential. In addition, I use the phone as my music player which the earphones are put to use (refer to above).

Pocket Knife

If there came a time that I might have to cut a box, or string from my coat or pants, then the pocket knife will be essential. The knife is too small to be a self-defense weapon, so the role it takes are very limited to cutting something. Nothing more, nothing less.


Depending on my activities will depend on what I carry in my wallet. Most of the time, I will carry $20, but unless I suspect that I will be spending the money, I will rarely carry more. As for the cards I carry, it will depend. If I need to take a bus, I will carry my transit card. If I am picking up groceries at Target, I will carry my photo ID. Again, everything depends.