Dropped Stamps.com

Earlier this month, I have chosen to drop Stamps.com. This is because the service was becoming too buggy. I had to log in with Brave Web Browser, and then even so – the printing was buggy. With that in mind, I have chosen to cancel my account with them. This was not something I took lightly. I liked the concept of the service, and felt it worth the price. However, with the issues I had, and the fact there is no desktop Mac application made things all the worse Read more “Dropped Stamps.com”

Dropped LibreOffice

I really wanted to like it, and I was hoping for the best. However, LibreOffice didn’t seem to want to work well on my system. This is despite that my computer is using Apple’s M1 chip, and has 16GB of memory. The big problem was that the cursor couldn’t keep up with my typing. I am no professional typist, but the office suite just couldn’t keep up. There is no blame with the system as the problem only arose with LibreOffice. Read more “Dropped LibreOffice”

Switching to LibreOffice

On 24th of January, 2024, I have chosen to switch to LibreOffice. The choice for this is pretty simple, and that is cross platform compatibility. Any document that I would be writing and editing on a regular basis will be saved as an .odt file. Files that will not be edited in the future (such as letters to correspondences) will be exported to .pdf file. With that being said, LibreOffice seems to make it easy for exporting to .pdf files. I have yet to try this out, but will do so later in the day. Read more “Switching to LibreOffice”

Dropped sn.fsp.contact

Earlier this morning, I dropped sn.fsp.contact. The reason of this choice was simple. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, or most other networks. I have an About.me page, and I have a Twitter account. The About.me page rarely gets any updates, and technically not a social network. As for Twitter, I use it mainly with businesses I am associated with, but could probably write more on that network than what I already do. With that in mind, I didn’t see a point in having an entire subdomain dedicated to Twitter. I also don’t see me joining any other social networks, so it would have likely been just Twitter. Read more “Dropped sn.fsp.contact”

RIP iPod Touch

A few days ago, my last iPod touch has started to act badly. After a number of ways to try to extend it, I decided that nothing will work. I was able to reset the iPod so none of my personal files should be on the iPod. However, this has a significant issue that I am now using my iMac to play my music library. Thankfully, the music will continue to play when the PC is in sleep mode. This makes life easier as I can have the screen off, and just play the music. One good note is that the iMac has an 3.5mm audio jack for speakers. I am using the old speakers from the iPod for the computer. This is because it is cheaper to replace a pair of desk speakers, than the integrated speakers in the iMac. Read more “RIP iPod Touch”

Why No iPhone 15 for Me

In the third week of September 2023, the iPhone 15 series came out and available to those that pre-ordered it. I am sure that right now, I could go into an Apple Store, and buy the latest and greatest of iPhones. However, I will not be doing that, and there are a few reasons as to why not. In reality, I wouldn’t mind having the newest, but it is not a necessity. With that said, I have to be a big boy, and tell myself NO! Read more “Why No iPhone 15 for Me”

Changes in Fasting Again

For those that know me, or read my blog, you would know that I was fasting 2 times a week. Before my fasting, I weighed 290lbs. When I was weighed after fasting back in early May 2023, I now weigh 273lbs which is a 17lb difference. While I am proud of myself, I want to lose more weight. With that being said, I am deciding on fasting from 2 days a week to 3 days a week. Obviously, I will still eat 4 days a week, but my days of fasting will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is obviously a 50% increase in the number of days, but I am hoping to lose an average of 2.5lbs a week. I still do not have a scale, so I can not see my progress, but I will hope to continue one, and make it work out. Read more “Changes in Fasting Again”


On July 1, 2023 – I acquired fsp.zip as a domain. This website is a bit pricey because it is a “premium” domain. I am guessing the premium part is the short domain name. However, it is obviously a price I was willing to pay. I will be able to cover the annual registrar fee (as long as it is about where it’s at now), and since my hosting company supports unlimited domains, this is an easy acquisition.  Read more “ZIP It Up”

How I’ll Do Taxes

Earlier today, I added a new website to my collection of things that most people probably don’t read. This site is in my Imagination Domain, and it is what if I would do taxes. For those that are curious, I am a believer in enacting a tiered sales tax system. This will mean that most things will have a high tax in replacement of income and property taxes. For those that wish to read more about my do so by going to https://tax.fsp.im. The good thing about this tax system is it minimizes the impact on the poor.

RIP One iPod

I have two iPods which I make use of them. I don’t want my iPhone to constantly play music, as that would demand much more battery, and will be inconvenient in the few times that I might get a phone call. With that in mind, the iPods were obviously used to play Pandora. I just plugged my iPod into electricity, and a speaker (since iPods have a 3.5mm jack). Apple stopped producing iPods last year, and with that in mind, the likelihood that there are any left is none.

Read more “RIP One iPod”