Switching to LibreOffice

On 24th of January, 2024, I have chosen to switch to LibreOffice. The choice for this is pretty simple, and that is cross platform compatibility. Any document that I would be writing and editing on a regular basis will be saved as an .odt file. Files that will not be edited in the future (such as letters to correspondences) will be exported to .pdf file. With that being said, LibreOffice seems to make it easy for exporting to .pdf files. I have yet to try this out, but will do so later in the day. Read more “Switching to LibreOffice”

Apple to Support RCS

A number of tech blogs has reported that Apple will support RCS sometime in 2024. I am guessing this will be about the time they will roll out the iPhone 16 lineup. This is a good thing, and wished they would do so sooner. With Apple supporting RCS, this can encourage carriers to drop SMS/MMS services as these are very legacy services, and been around since 2G services. I would imagine that even though many of the features found in iMessage is also in RCS, that Apple will still make SMS/RCS messages with a green bubble, therefore keeping the “Blue Bubble” for iOS users. Read more “Apple to Support RCS”