Can’t Recommend .TEL Domains

For those that know me may find this as odd. I have 2 .TEL domains, and make use of both of them. However, I acquired a new .TEL domain, and I can’t seem to be able to use it as TEL Names hadn’t added the domain to my control panel. The way it is supposed to work is you register a .TEL domain with your preferred registrar. You setup a TEL Names account, and at worse, you have to let support know that you need them to add the domain to your control panel. This is where the problem I have is at.

In late November 2023, I registered a .TEL Domain. I have tried to contact support with request of adding the new domain, and there has been no response. In a matter of fact, sending email to both support addresses were bouncing back. On December 12, I have manage to send email to 1 of the support addresses, but I still have yet to hear from them. I will likely keep the .TEL Domains I currently own, and advertise, but will not acquire any new ones even if I get this problem resolved. This is not something I would want to recommend, but to be practical, and honest – it is my true recommendation.

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