Macally Bluetooth Keyboard

About a week ago (as of 2024-02-22), I been using a keyboard that I had to buy to replace my original Apple Keyboard that came with my iMac. The reason for this was the original keyboard was no longer functioning properly. With that in mind, I had to buy a new keyboard that will have functioning keys. I wanted to make sure that my new keyboard will support the Mac Layout for their keys. This meant the CMD, Option, and Control keys must be in the same position as the original keyboard. The new keyboard was $55 from Amazon.
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Can’t Recommend .TEL Domains

For those that know me may find this as odd. I have 2 .TEL domains, and make use of both of them. However, I acquired a new .TEL domain, and I can’t seem to be able to use it as TEL Names hadn’t added the domain to my control panel. The way it is supposed to work is you register a .TEL domain with your preferred registrar. You setup a TEL Names account, and at worse, you have to let support know that you need them to add the domain to your control panel. This is where the problem I have is at. Read more “Can’t Recommend .TEL Domains”

Pager App

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the pager app from AMC Logic LTD. The reason for this is I wanted a virtual pager service. Yes, I know – most people will consider pagers as relics of the ’90s or is used by drug dealers. However, in my instance, it is going to be used for a completely different purpose. The app was simple to install, and is only available for iOS. Why there isn’t an Android version, I would not know. When downloading the pager app, I was able to find the CAP code, and provided that number to Pagers Direct which in a day provided me with a local pager number. Read more “Pager App”

Wrangler Cargo Pants

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Wrangler Cargo Pants from Amazon. The reason for this is I wanted pants with more pockets. One of the reasons of this is my phone goes in one of my pockets, and nothing else. Considering I don’t put anything valuable in the back pockets – this left me with one pocket left for everything else. This forced me to have to go in and out of my back pack just to do basic errands. Read more “Wrangler Cargo Pants”

If I was you, I would avoid this company as if they were the plague. I bought 5 cargo pants from them. I ordered priority shipping. It took them more than 2 weeks to get to me, and when they got to me, the pants were slightly tight (willing to accept), and a zipper broke. When I wrote to them requesting an RMA and stated my two problems, I got an email showing me the size chart which does not address the broken zipper. They offered to mail another pair of pants, but if they can’t do quality control on their items before they shipped, I still requested for an RMA. I waited for almost a week before writing this post. Read more “”