Dropped sn.fsp.contact

Earlier this morning, I droppedĀ sn.fsp.contact. The reason of this choice was simple. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, or most other networks. I have an About.me page, and I have a Twitter account. The About.me page rarely gets any updates, and technically not a social network. As for Twitter, I use it mainly with businesses I am associated with, but could probably write more on that network than what I already do. With that in mind, I didn’t see a point in having an entire subdomain dedicated to Twitter. I also don’t see me joining any other social networks, so it would have likely been just Twitter.

So, how did I go about deleting my subdomain. First thing was to remove the URLs, and links from my Domains Site, and remove all of the links in the subdomains section of each of my contact sites. I then logged into my provider’s control panel, and deleted the subdomain. I then went to my SQL database, and removed the SQL table entries to keep my databases as clean as possible. I then logged into my FTP system, and deleted the respective subdomain there. This was to reduce the resources that my hosting company has to involve with regards to my network of websites. While it takes a little bit of effort to remove a subdomain, there is no need to keep it running, and manage it if doesn’t support a rational need for it.

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