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A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the pager app from AMC Logic LTD. The reason for this is I wanted a virtual pager service. Yes, I know – most people will consider pagers as relics of the ’90s or is used by drug dealers. However, in my instance, it is going to be used for a completely different purpose. The app was simple to install, and is only available for iOS. Why there isn’t an Android version, I would not know. When downloading the pager app, I was able to find the CAP code, and provided that number to Pagers Direct which in a day provided me with a local pager number.

This pager number is provided to a select few people that would be able to page me when I won’t normally answer phone calls. For example, if I am debilitated, I will set my phone to Do Not Disturb which silences all incoming calls. However, I set it to where the Pager app will ring through. This allows those important people to call the pager, and in minutes, it will ring the phone with the unique pager app sound. I will then make the important call. So far, I hadn’t had anyone use this feature yet, but I tested the app in all scenarios, and with the adding of the app in my “Focus” modes, the app works well. Within 5 minutes, the pager will sound off. Since this is a virtual app, I do not have to carry a separate pager. I do have a physical pager, but it was hard to use, and didn’t keep time correctly.

For those interested in how to use a pager, it is simple. First, you would call the pager number. You would be given instructions to enter the phone number followed by the # sign. You enter the number, and the # sign. The system will send out a few quick beeps, and disconnect the call. Within minutes, the system will send out the page which will then show the telephone number you entered. At that point, the person can call the number, and address the reason for the page.

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