RIP iPod Touch

A few days ago, my last iPod touch has started to act badly. After a number of ways to try to extend it, I decided that nothing will work. I was able to reset the iPod so none of my personal files should be on the iPod. However, this has a significant issue that I am now using my iMac to play my music library. Thankfully, the music will continue to play when the PC is in sleep mode. This makes life easier as I can have the screen off, and just play the music. One good note is that the iMac has an 3.5mm audio jack for speakers. I am using the old speakers from the iPod for the computer. This is because it is cheaper to replace a pair of desk speakers, than the integrated speakers in the iMac.

So what will I do now? Well, Apple no longer sells the iPod. I am guessing my best guess will be to get an iPad. The cheapest one will be the basic iPad which I believes have a 3.5mm audio jack, but the screen size is very large for the location the iPad will sit at. Size wise, my best option is the iPad, but then I will need a split adapter so I can keep the iPad charged while also using the audio speakers. Most likely, what I will do is keep using the PC since it is on most of the time. It is a shame that the only option I have with regards to size will be an iPhone SE which will cost me at least $480, and again – will need a splitter to use both options of charging and speakers.

I am curious for any alternatives. I could probably get an Android phone, and use a program called iSyncr, but I want to keep the number of programs in my computer to just what is needed, so this is not an ideal option for me. I am hopeful that I can find a better solution, but for now – I will make do with what I have.

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