Dropped Stamps.com

Earlier this month, I have chosen to drop Stamps.com. This is because the service was becoming too buggy. I had to log in with Brave Web Browser, and then even so – the printing was buggy. With that in mind, I have chosen to cancel my account with them. This was not something I took lightly. I liked the concept of the service, and felt it worth the price. However, with the issues I had, and the fact there is no desktop Mac application made things all the worse

So, what would I have to do? Well, I will have to do what everyone else does, and that would be to acquire postage for the letters I need. In April, I will likely buy a couple of books of domestic stamps, and will go to the post office anytime I need to send an international letter. I will also have to make envelope files for all of the people that I write to as the metering service handled that. This will mean my return address, and the recipient address will print on the envelope. There will be no barcode on the envelope, and a regular stamp affixed in the top right corner. For international mail, nothing will change. As with the domestic mail, the addresses will be placed on. There will also be a blue rectangle with the words Air Mail below my name. This will print directly to the envelope which means no need to buy air mail stickers for international mail.

All in all, I will miss Stamps.com, but I can not fund a service that doesn’t care about the issues of their customers. I have written to Stamps.Com while I had an account with them, and never heard back. I don’t see me coming back which is a shame, but something I will get used to.

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