Trying a New Lifestyle

As some who visited my personal site may know – I am extremely overweight. I am 290lbs (132kg), and stand at 6′ (188cm). Some may say just eat less, but in most cases, I will eat at most is 2 meals. However, I will be doing something close. I have chosen to try to do intermittent fasting. There are a few options – all with the same concept. I am choosing to eat 5 days, and not eat 2 non-consecutive days. In my instance, I will be closing Monday, and Thursday. These days are also when I am most active as I am going to check my mailbox on those days.

I don’t eat that healthy. Almost all of my meals are microwave meals which makes it easier on the ankles. However, when looking at the nutritional facts, it would seem as if my meal is at most 790 calories. This is less than half of the 2000 calorie diet that most people are encouraged to eat. If I eat a breakfast, then I may hit halfway. With this in mind, I don’t see how skipping meals two days a week will help, but anything will be better than nothing.

To substitute my lack of eating, I will be focusing on filling my stomach up with water. This will hopefully give me a full feeling while fasting. Also, since these days are when I am more active, I am hoping that I can start the process of burning calories, and therefore burn fat.

Assuming after I acquire new glasses, I will consider buying a scale. I will check myself every week, and see how I am progressing. Nonetheless, I am intending on committing to this lifestyle until the end of 2023. Depending on the results will depend on if I were to continue. If there are any major changes, I will write a new post.

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