Wrangler Cargo Pants

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Wrangler Cargo Pants from Amazon. The reason for this is I wanted pants with more pockets. One of the reasons of this is my phone goes in one of my pockets, and nothing else. Considering I don’t put anything valuable in the back pockets – this left me with one pocket left for everything else. This forced me to have to go in and out of my back pack just to do basic errands.

Ax for the pants since I been using it has been very good. I don’t have to go in and out of my back pack all of the time, and able to continue to give my phone its own pocket. Instead of me removing my backpack from my back, and acquired what is needed, I likely have that item in my pocket now. Of course, as with all of my clothes, the pants are all black. And one 7th of August, 2023 – I purchased enough pants to replace my jeans as far as my wardrobe goes I will keep the jeans in case something happens to the cargo pants, but I suspect that won’t be necessary.

It’s not all good. I prefer the material that the jeans used where these pants feel a little more fragile. Being that they are Wrangler, I will trust in the fact that the pants will hold up to laundry which is my biggest concern so far. I also would have preferred zippered pockets rather than velcro, especially in the front pockets. However, I will make due. I will suspect that I have enough to fulfill my wardrobe at a price of $55USD per pants. The reason for the higher price is my 44US waist measurement. Being that I am on the bigger side, I pay more for clothing.

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