On July 1, 2023 – I acquired as a domain. This website is a bit pricey because it is a “premium” domain. I am guessing the premium part is the short domain name. However, it is obviously a price I was willing to pay. I will be able to cover the annual registrar fee (as long as it is about where it’s at now), and since my hosting company supports unlimited domains, this is an easy acquisition. 

The domain will serve one purpose. It will give me a dedicated domain for my attachments in email. Before, I would upload a file to Dropbox, and give a Dropbox URL, or upload the site in one of my domains without WordPress installed. However, this was not a consistent behavior. With that in mind, I had made a purpose for, and will use this for downloads of files.

The way it will work is if I have to include an attachment, I could either add all of the attachments into my email that I am corresponding to, or upload the files to a URL. I don’t like how Apple Mail handles attachments, so I would put all of the files into a .zip file, name the .zip file (dependent on date and time). Reference that URL in the email, and allow the person to download when it is convenient for them. My previous policy was to zip all of the files, and add the .zip file if it was 5MB or less. Now, I will upload all zip files, and give the person the opportunity to collect when they are ready.

If you were to go to, you would be redirected to my .tel site. This is because the site will have one purpose, and that would be a repository for any files I will otherwise send via email.

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