RIP One iPod

I have two iPods which I make use of them. I don’t want my iPhone to constantly play music, as that would demand much more battery, and will be inconvenient in the few times that I might get a phone call. With that in mind, the iPods were obviously used to play Pandora. I just plugged my iPod into electricity, and a speaker (since iPods have a 3.5mm jack). Apple stopped producing iPods last year, and with that in mind, the likelihood that there are any left is none.

So what are my options? Well, no good option I have to say. No iOS device has a 3.5mm jack any more. This means I will not be able to use my regular speakers. I use my iPod daily, and the iPod is always plugged into a wired set of speakers. So, I have 2 options. First option is to buy the cheapest iPad which is $330. The second option will be the Home Pods. These are essentially Bluetooth Speakers with Siri built in. I am still guessing that if I was to use my phone to play on the Home Pod, that it will still drain the battery, and be inconvenient in the event of a phone call.

I still have the second iPod, so my issue is not immediate, but it will mean that this iPod could also die soon. Therefore, I will have to make a choice, and decide on how to approach my issue. At the very least, I use my iPod a few hours a day, and sometimes longer if there is a hockey game going on. The problem is that PDAs (smartphone without the phone) is futile to most people, and don’t make enough money for the manufacturer. It is just something I have to work around.

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